Using your computer or device

Learn about using a computer or mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Read more about Using your computer or device

Online basics

How to search and explore the internet, keep in touch with email, and use public services online - all while being safe and secure. Read more about Online basics

Office programs

There are lots of ways you can make information look good using a computer. Read more about Office programs

More internet skills

This subject is designed to make sure you’re confident with everything you might need to do on the internet, including online shopping and social media. Read more about More internet skills

Online safety

If you are using the internet you may need to think about staying safe online. Read more about Online safety

Finding a job online

Finding and applying for jobs can be tough, but learning how to search and apply for jobs online will make the process much easier and open up more opportunities for you. Read more about Finding a job online

Improving your health online

There are lots of ways you can use the internet to support your health. Read more about Improving your health online

Managing your money online

Finances can be tricky, but this subject will help you learn how to do budgeting, banking and shopping online in a safe and easy way. Read more about Managing your money online

Public services online

Find out information about public services and save time and money by visiting local and national government websites. Read more about Public services online