How this works

You can take as many or as few courses as you like and complete them in any order.

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1. How to choose a subject

Selecting See all learning

takes you to a list of all our subjects.

Select any subject to find out more about the courses in it.

The first underlined text will take you to the start of the subject.

Once you’ve selected a subject you’ll see all the courses it contains.

Selecting Start this subject means you can work through all the courses from start to finish.

Selecting Watch the video will show you a short video about this subject. Use the top right x to close the video:

If you are interested in only one course you can start it by selecting the course name. In our example this is 'Using a keyboard':

You can start a topic by selecting the topic name. In our example this is Keyboard basics.

2. Working through a topic

You can go through a topic at your own pace, as many times as you want.

When you start you will notice some choices:

Selecting Back to 'Using a keyboard' start page will take you to the start of the course. In our example this is 'Using a keyboard'. This text will be different for each course.

If you select Switch audio on, the text will be read out loud.

Selecting Continue takes you to the next part of the topic.

Start activity takes you to a practise activity. This allows you to try out what you have learned.

Follow the instructions carefully on each activity to complete it.

At the top you can Restart or Close the activity:

Once you have completed the activity select Close to progress to the next part of the topic.

If you would like to try the activity again, select Restart.

Topics often contain what are called 'sliders':

Previous takes you back to the slide before the one you are on. The first slide has no Previous.

Next takes you to the next slide. The last slide has no Next.

Some topics contain videos to watch:

Select anywhere in the main part of the video to watch it.

Select Transcript to read the text version of the video.

Note: You must complete activities, view all slides and watch the videos. You cannot move to the next learning until you have done this.

When you reach the end of a topic there is a Congratulations message:

Selecting Next topic from here will take you to the next topic in the course..

Selecting Back to course start page will take you to the start page for the course. In our example this is 'Using a keyboard'.

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